Transformation of the Bunkhouse - May and June 2002
20 years accumulation of junk and wear and tear made the bunkhouse less than hospitable. Stark white paint stood in high contrast to the nature outside.

The first step was to remove the broken water toys, large car parts, discarded furniture and general garbage from the room. Walls were washed thoroughly with TSP (thanks, Janet and kids).
The broken chairs were burned (thanks, boys), the garbage carted away (thanks, Geoff and Janine), and measurements were taken for baseboards and curtains. The door needs replacing.

The walls are now a deep gold and the ceiling is ivory, complementing the rich colors seen outside the windows. The inside of the window frames are painted the same ivory as the ceiling to help bring in the light.
Day 5 - June 25
The drywall tape hanging from the ceiling has been repaired, the high flat surfaces have been vacuumed, the endwall peak has been painted and the bed raised to allow for the cleaning and painting of the floor.
The particle board floor had many scratches and grease stains which needed to be cleaned and primed before the 3 coats of porch and deck paint could be applied. Brian and Alison primed the laundry shelves and painted the baseboards while Barbie painted the floor and cut the baseboards to length. Day 10 - June 30
The baseboards are in, the floor has dried for 3 days, the new rug is down (thanks, eBay). The kids assembled the bunkbed which had been their first bed.

The curtain hardware is up and the laundry shelves are in place. The second bnk mattress is still at Barbie's house - no room for it this trip. This picture is just prior to installation of the windowsills.

The old LP storage rack has been converted to cubbies for  use by bunkhouse visitors. The chairs are Wickiup rejects, structurally sound but with cracking leather on the seat area. The sign is from the old Bunker Hill Ranch.
The window sills are all in. The curtains are in. Bart put a lockset on the door so that it will stay shut and be lockable. A new door was installed and painted later on.
The bunkhouse is ready for use. Brian and his three male Northwest cousins stayed there for seven nights. All it lacks is a card table to make it a complete kid haven.