August 1993

The Whole Clan (well, almost)

Dick and Pete


Kitty and Sharon

Eli and Belinda

Kirk and Eric

Patty and Lee Anthony

Janet and Phillip

Rich and Russel

Geoff and Susan

Joanie, Eric, Amy and Michael


Margie, Bart and various kids

Caitlin and Robin and ?

Rob and Conrad

Stan and Pete Jr.

Jim, Phyllis Patty Chadwick(?) and Hewey


Merry, Sally, Pete Jr. Michael P. Margie, Don, Patty

Sally, Ginia and John

Geoff and Janine and Lisa, and others

Pete Jr., Martha, Cathy, Susan and Hewey

Barbie, Margie, Cathy, Amy, Ted and Patty

Phyllis, Lisa and Rich, with babies

Amy, Brian, Alison, Michael and other kids